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As in Elmer's first film, Knudsen was required to improvise her dialogue and character.

As Arundhati Roy, an Indian author, put it: “There's really no such thing as the voiceless.The Nyborg asylum centre can house up to 500 residents and says it works to offer them a “dignified stay” while asylum applications are processed.Denmark received 21,000 asylum applications during 2015, up from 14,815 the previous year.When it comes to getting attention as a politician in a small country, issues like sex work are sexy in all senses of the word.They have high column-inches factor but affect relatively few people, so probably seem very attractive.

Web dating Nyborg

Knudsen was born 22 November 1968 in Copenhagen, the daughter of Ebbe Knudsen, a photographer, and Susanne Andersen, a school teacher.From 1987 to 1990, she trained in acting at the Theatre de l'Ombre in Paris despite knowing little French.Maybe for a politician on the make, attacking sex work looks like a total political win: appease the hardcore feminists and appease the social conservatives at the same time? Especially if it gives a chance to put good clear water between them and the old crony's club, like in Italy where some officials have been caught out claiming back lap dances as a work expense.But in the internet age, it is simply not good enough to pretend to be speaking for a "voiceless" group, as the surprised politicians learned in Borgen.After all, her previous success securing terroir status for Stornoway black pudding only plays so well outside the local constituency…

why not roll with the big boys and do a policy with high impact factor?

Knudsen's portrayal of Sus, a woman who becomes pregnant by her unfaithful husband while she loves another man, again earned her both the Robert Award and the Bodil Award for Best Actress.

Knudsen returned to work with Elmer in 2000 as the title character in the comedy Mona's Verden.

And only a week after a sensitive probing of the issues around ethically reared pork, showing why no other political drama at the moment even comes close.

Maybe it's a discussion best handled by a political drama conducted in subtitles.

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