Single community Dresden

The organizing principle is that this is a community of single people who want to live their single lives fully.It has nothing to do with dating or escaping single life. People who are welcome to join include: (Am I forgetting anyone? I have created a Facebook group, Community of Single People.Might be worth checking in with them: Thanks, Rachel. tag=wwwbelladepau-20 You are right that it is a natural link to singles issues, even though the overlap is not complete. And you were one of the enlightened people who "got it" about single life long before most everyone else. Two things: (1) Why don't you mention your book on the FB page for the Community of Single People?In writing the new book, I was trying to understand how people are living now that more people are single and either don't have kids or have very few kids or family or have family who are not around. We can share resources that way but I'd also like to think about a more permanent place where people can see all the resources that have been suggested, all in one place.

Of course you know my key interest is stigma busting the horrors of single parenting. For now, I'm linking this article to my own FB page and hope it gets some views that way, too.For now, it is a closed group, so you need to ask to join. seriöse partnersuche Herne (I want to be sure it is not mistaken for a dating site.) Go to the page and click "Join Group." (: I think you already need to have a Facebook profile to be added to the group.All sorts of people get in touch with me, hoping that I can put them in touch with other single people who want to live their single lives fully (and not just escape them). A few of the many examples are listed below in the next section, "What Are People Looking For?" Every time I get one of those requests, I try to generate names or resources offhand. Plus, I only know a very tiny fraction of the single people (or scholars of single people or professionals who work with single people) who might be interested in helping out or who might also want to be in touch with other single people (for friendship, discussion, workshops, or just about anything else except dating).

Single community Dresden

(I think you need to be on Facebook to be able to join the group.That's my best guess as to why a few of the people I tried to approve for the group are not showing up as members.) [: I would like to find an image (available for reuse) that represents what the Community of Single People is all about.I want to use it as the key image at the top of the Facebook page, and elsewhere, too.I tried about a dozen possibilities at Facebook but they were all rejected – images need to be at least 400 pixels wide and 150 tall. (That happened because I always liked that dancer painting but on second thought, I worried that the nudity of the dancers could send the wrong message, even though it is art.(If members want to have discussions, they can do that at the Facebook page.) It is also fine if you want to sign up for both the Facebook page and the mailing list. When I get a relevant inquiry, I will post the question on the Community of Single People Facebook page and send it out to the mailing list. If you want to have discussions on Facebook, or use the Facebook page to let others know about relevant courses or workshops or any other resources, feel free.

Sign-Up Links Are Here So again, if you are interested, please sign up for the Facebook group and/or the mailing list.

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So, for anyone who is interested, I would like to start a Community of Single People.

I want to know who you are so I can connect you with interested parties (as described below).

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