Single berlin wool

After a long journey through many countries and hands, the Ticki Blanket is finally ready to keep you warm.

All of our raw materials have been researched extensively so we can trace back the origins of the yarns and trimmings used in the products.

The term was first applied to decoratively stitched borders on medieval church vestments.Woolhunter uses just the finest qualities called Baby Alpaca and Superfine. Partnervermittlung im vergleich We believe that single companies have the potential to reshape the way how products are made and consumed.Combing ensures that all fibers are aligned into one direction.The production of wool has one of the lowest use of energy and, water footprints of all fibers and is a renewable resource.

Single berlin wool

The wool gets sheered and transported to the Coproca cooperative in La Paz.At the factory, the wool gets sorted by hand into different qualities and colors.Only Jacquard looms are able to control every single threadstring to gerate our minimal but complex designs.By choosing this method we can not only guaranty the best Quality, but also we support the traditional German craftsmanship.In the final step, the blanket is steamed, combed, ironed pressed and cut.

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