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New offshore projects will play a crucial part in meeting this goal, with 1.5GW in additional offshore capacity now being planned by the Danish Energy Agency, a government body, with the active participation of other organisations, such as transmission system operator and the Danish Wind Industry Association.

What makes Denmark's new approach to offshore wind so interesting is the way the country plans to combine both large projects that are sited a considerable distance from shore with smaller-scale near-shore projects.

senior dating Jammerbugt

As well as being the only bidder, the company's price for building the project was relatively high - certainly higher than the cost of building earlier offshore wind farms in Danish waters.Denmark's strategy may seem surprising but it lies, in part, with the 400MW Anholt offshore wind farm, which is currently being constructed and is set for completion in mid-2013.When Danish authorities invited companies to compete for the construction of Anholt they were surprised - and disappointed - to receive just one bid.As countries such as the UK, Germany and even China have retreated from near-shore projects in favour of encouraging development of larger wind farms some way from land - this is particularly the case in the UK and some of its development sites for the third round of offshore projects.Yet Danish wind farms are heading back towards land.

Senior dating Jammerbugt

A post-tender evaluation concluded that Dong's bid price was fair, particularly in light of some of the tender requirements, which included an ambitious development timetable.Indeed, the tight schedule for Anholt's construction, stipulated by regulators and linked to financial penalties, continues to be cited as one reason why other experienced offshore developers chosen not to bid.Por la noche, el agradable fuego de la chimenea proporcionará una acogedora atmósfera y algunos momentos íntimos en pareja o con toda la familia. senior dating Jammerbugt-52 También los grupos grandes encontrarán una Dinamarca “hyggelig” porque aquí, junto al buen equipamiento de las casas, también hay una oferta especialmente amplia de grandes casas que ofrecen suficiente espacio para 10, 12 o incluso 20 personas, muchas de ellas lujosamente equipadas.Mientras los niños chapotean en la piscina, sus padres se relajan en la sauna o el jacuzzi.

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Con ello, el mal tiempo no nublará nuestros ánimos durante las vacaciones.Una casa de vacaciones en Selandia cuesta de media EUR 447 en temporada baja, en temporada alta EUR 1.066 por semana.Estos datos deben entenderse por vivienda, y no por persona, e incluyen todos los gastos adicionales obligatorios. Viendo la enorme oferta de casas y apartamentos de vacaciones sería evidente suponer que las casas de vacaciones son un invento original danés.As tendering approaches for two large offshore wind farms (see box below) and a series of smaller, near-shore projects, Danish authorities are keen to avoid a repeat of the Anholt bidding process."We are going to secure greater competition in our future tenders," confirms Mette Cramer Buch, senior adviser for energy supply at the Danish Energy Agency.

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