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After listening to their positions on life in America I can only come to one conclusion. Homosexuals and foreigners have no place in their society except as a tool for hatred. The world moves faster now and the reality is that life is more expensive.The Family Forum would like to adhere to the original verbiage of the Constitution; one without amendments banning slavery or giving women equal rights. Faith is supposed to provide personal comfort in times of need; not provide excuses or justifications for bigotry.This oil spill threatens our way of life, much like airplanes that crash into buildings. We can accept it by holding our nose, but right now it’s about our Louisiana economy.The Governor seems to be doing a good job here; even demanding federal assistance (which he detests).

Trickle down economics is the biggest con job ever perpetrated on the American people.At that time the old ways of thinking will be silenced. They admire his ability to deliver the quote that will be replayed until the end of time.They admired his strength, courage, and positive attitude.✔ Der virtuelle Flohmarkt für Ihre kostenlose Kleinanzeige. He has been involved on the front lines in state politics for most of his life.

Partnersuche bezirk oberwart

Their Jihad is to dictate social policy while advocating small government expect when it comes to marriage, education, sexuality, race, and abortion.They are very organized and have lots of financial support from Washington. Women have a place in their world- subservient to the male dominance. For example, we are the only state that has an anti-evolution law.These antiquated attitudes toward financial, housing, and oil markets caught up with us in the last 5 years. I never voted for a Republican in my life although I am considering voting for Jay Dardenne for Lt. I feel we are being treated like a political football as there seems to be no incentive for this administration to help. Partnersuche bezirk oberwart-42Partnersuche bezirk oberwart-8Partnersuche bezirk oberwart-63 Obama needs to fix the problem, which he is doing slowly, and continue to remind the people how this mess started. After all, the Obama hating industry makes a mint in books, speakers, and websites. I know the President has been here 3 times to observe and listen; maybe all he can do at this point.Cutting taxes for the most wealthy will allow them freedom to make life better for those beneath them in the great chain of being??????

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People who have money want much more; helping other people or being philanthropic is secondary. However, he was not the conservative everyone fantasizes.He is socially liberal and fiscally conservative - what might be described as a modern moderate.I believe the biggest danger of organized religion is that it can be used as a tool of hatred.Seafood prices might increase a few dollars around the country and nobody will realize the difference or complain.Yet, legal Louisiana/American citizens lost their source of income as they rely on the seafood and oil industries for their livelihood.

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