Kamen rider drive single

After Roidmude 108 becomes the Paradox Roidmude, he damages the Shift Car and Drive Driver from the future, but Kiriko retrieves both and uses the Mad Doctor Shift Car to restore them to their original states, allowing Shinnosuke to use both to battle the Paradox Roidmude as Type Special.

Upon transforming, Shinnosuke is greeted by a hologram of his son, as he had used the mind link technology to implant part of his consciousness into the Shift Car before his death in the future.

Upon learning that the Roidmudes were involved in his father's death years before, Shinnosuke confronts the Freeze Roidmude in search for answers, just to nearly be killed when the Roidmude achieves his Over-Evolved form.

After being revived by the Special Investigations Division, Shinnosuke manages to defeat and destroy the Freeze Roidmude and succeeds in tracking down his father's true murder, whom he later arrests.

When Kiriko learns that Chase is Proto Drive, as part of his explanation that he cannot harm her, she plays a role in helping Chase regain his memories.This upset Shinnosuke, making him lose his motivation to be a police officer, as he was transferred to the police department's Special Investigations Division. suche fickdate Recklinghausen When he encounters the Drive Driver belt, he secretly becomes the hero Kamen Rider Drive to fight the Roidmudes, androids who are the cause of the Global Freeze and several strange events occurring in the city.window.sbbop Loaded){ var sbbop_modal = create Modal(modal); if (sbbop_modal !The main cast of Kamen Rider Drive, including the Tridoron car that the lead character drives instead of a motorcycle. Foreground, left to right: Jun Honganji, Shinnosuke Tomari, Kiriko Shijima.

Kamen rider drive single

She is shown to be very athletic despite her looks and also has the habit of physically dragging Shinnosuke back to work when she finds that he is slacking off, often handcuffing him in the process.Kiriko is later revealed to have had a history with the Kamen Riders since the Global Freeze event when it is revealed that Proto Drive saved her from Roidmude 010.Belt is still locked away after the Roidmudes were all defeated earlier in the year.After being sent back in time 10 years with Takeru Tenkūji, Shinnosuke discovers the Mr.is a young man who joined the Metropolitan Police to solve the mystery behind the death of his father Eisuke Tomari.

During an event called the Global Freeze, while tracking down a terrorist organization called Neo-Shade, Shinnosuke accidentally left his squad partner Akira Hayase behind and he was critically wounded.

At the end of the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis, Shinnosuke marries Kiriko Shijima.

Some time in the future, the two eventually have a son who they name Eiji .

Belt of 2005 and together they transform into Kamen Rider Zero Drive is another officer in the Special Investigations Division who tries to keep up a serious exterior, doing her best to not smile while working with mechanical precision, and losing her composure whenever Shinnosuke points out that she has smiled.

She is initially the only member of the force who actually knows that Shinnosuke is Kamen Rider Drive and as such often assists him in battles as a sidekick.

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