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Good for those of us who are able to leave the house at short notice, but everyone else is missing out.In the mid-1980s, a vacant textile factory was converted into an art centre in Odense.Two years has passed and apart from being an established part of the local music scene, the place has blended perfectly with the colorful environment of “Farvergården” (The Color courtyard).

dating site for unge Odense

Now, urge 5 friends to go to the music library and borrow 5 records they have never heard of.This makes the theater one of Odense's absolutely largest cultural institutions, with a huge ensemble of big performances on even larger stages. The place is high-ceilinged, it has fake gold, paintings on the walls, red chairs, balconies, a big chandelier, stewards and stewardesses in uniforms as well as white wine and snacks during breaks. gratis date sider Køge Maybe I like it nostalgically, because it has that feeling of "like when I was a kid" — or maybe it just feels charming in its 'time warpedness'. They have an undoubtable focus on the classics and on tradition.Brandts is a cultural giant, setting the tone for the use of former industrial buildings for shops and cafes in the Latin Quarter.A re-launch of the museum in 2014 provided a new logo as well as a new curatorial direction: Brandts left the solo shows of contemporary artists to its little sister, Brandts 13, and instead specialises in grand, themed exhibitions addressed to the popular unconscious, with appeal to stomach, hearts and egos.

Dating site for unge Odense

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The music library is sometimes a little late in announcing it, but they have a surprisingly great schedule of concerts and talks each month.

I do know, though, that many have a complicated relation to the theater, which I understand, if one has been pulled into the one mind-numbing stick-in-the-mud after the other with school or family.

But don't let this experience make you give up on theater.

But with Jens August Wille as artistic director, more experimental things have come on the stages, which are now more open to fresh and unusual nuances in the theatric language.

Still, big musical shows, family performance and classics account for most of the theater's program.

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