Dating owens glass bottles

I believe the mark was used up into the 1950s or '60s by Owens-Illinois, but have no definite info on ending date. (Julian Toulouse stated this mark was first used in 1911, but according to U. Patent & Trademark Office data, Owens claimed first use was not until 1919!

Bill Lindsey discusses antique bottles, including mouth blown bottles, bitters, figurals, inks, medicines, flasks, and many other varieties.

Even after that point, people collect ACL, applied color labels, soda bottles which are machine-made, and milk bottles which are machine-made, the vast majority of them. There’s another one I have, not a tonic bottle but it’s called William Radam’s Microbe Killer.

So machine-made bottles aren’t un-collectible, it’s just that what feeds the passion of most collectors through the years has been the earlier things from the late 18th century through the 19th century. My Historic Bottle website, the reason it has so many pictures of all different types of bottles is that I just love all old bottles, from the flasks to the medicines to the liquor bottles to whatever, soda. : The only thing I really specialize in is medicinal tonic bottles. It has a picture of a guy beating a skeleton – this is embossed on the front of it – beating a skeleton with a club, and it boldly states at the bottom, “Cures all diseases.” Tonic bottles are just a subcategory of the huge variety of patent medicine bottles.

Dating owens glass bottles

I was told that back in the day before garbage pick-up, people would designate various holes in the furthest part of the yard from their house and put their garbage in them. The bottom has "Illinois" curved and below that a "2 followed by the oval/diamond insignia, and a 0". Mark is confirmed on a clear druggist bottle with date code of 1947.There was a glass blower with the mold boy producing them by hand – and they never touched it, of course, not literally.Michael Owens invented the machine in 1903, and it became more common by the 1908 or 1910.In terms of what I’m most passionate about it’s Western mouth-blown bottles, bottles that are clearly identified with the West or made in the West.Most all of the glass producers in the West in the 19th century were in the San Francisco Bay Area, there wasn’t any up here in the northwest until the early 1900s.

Dating owens glass bottles

That was way better digging because that’s where people lived. : I have over a thousand bottles, which means something or nothing.Portland was the second biggest city on the coast, next to San Francisco in the mid to late 1800s, L. Most of them are from the late 1700s to very early 1900s when they switched from hand-blown, mouth-blown bottles craft-type bottle production to machines.Please, if anyone knows anything about the history of the west side of Santa Cruz, let me know. The next five responses to this thread are pictures/descriptions of the other five Owens-Illinois Glass Company Bottles the next largest is 5.5" by 2" wide. on the same side, there are measurements going down both sides. Sometimes just the "O" of "Owens" is enclosed within a square. Dating owens glass bottles-9 The largest medicine bottle I have is7" in tall by 2.75" wide. On the same side, there are measurements going down each side, the right in cc's the left in oz? the bottom has a slightly curved "OWENS", and below that it has a "3 followed by the oval/diamond insignia then a 4". I don't know when this mark was first used during the OBC years, so will have to go with "1903-1929" until further info is uncovered. Owens Bottle Company, Toledo OH (1903-1929), also Fairmont, WV; Clarksburg, WV, and other plant locations. merged with the Illinois Glass Company of Alton, IL in 1929 to form the Owens-Illinois Glass Company.So-and-so’s wiregrass tonic, lung and liver tonic or whatever.

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It’s roughly equivalent to bitters bottles, which is another category that people have collected for decades.

Nobody seemed to collect tonic bottles much, so I just started collecting.

I have 150 or 175 different ones and I know of over 400 that exist, ones embossed with the word tonic.

By 1915, probably half the bottles were made by machines.

Machine-made bottles on average are worth much less and are much less interesting to collectors than are the earlier mouth-blown ones.

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