Dating over 50 år Ikast-Brande

Personally I think the decided route is a bit strange, but that's not up to me.

dating over 50 år Ikast-Brande

Winning proposal: Winning proposal before adjustment. I prefere the one above: 02 - White Arkitekter A/S, White Arkitekter Sweden, KHR Arkitekter, Dall & Lindhartsen, EKJ, WSP Sverige, Midtconsult, Arkitec, Lindgaard, Bisgaard Landskabsarkitekter: After adjustment: And before: 03 - Niras A/S, Friis & Moltke, Henning Larsen Architects, SLA, SINTEF (NO), Sweco (SE), Orbicon Leif Hansen: 04 - C. Mller, Cubo Arkitekter, Rambll, Alectia, Lohfert & Lohfert, Sren Jensen Rdgivende Ingenirfirma: 05 - BDP (UK), Groupe-6 (Frankrig), Arkitektfirmaet TKT, Arup DK / Ove Arup & Partners Intl (UK): This one looks massive but i like how the lower parts of the buildings blends in with the surrounding nature so it doesnt look to massive, 5 big points from me Now i cant wait to see renders of the new super hospital in Kge that will be almost twice as large as this one (adding 160.000 m2 to the existing 80.000 m2 Kge Sygehus) But we will not see any cool train station like yours.The latest "dispositionsforslag" with detailed section plans and such can be seen here: DNV - GDSTRUP - DISPOSITIONSFORSLAG - ETAPE 1 (rather large file) Here one of the latest aerial photos by Region Midtjylland, it's from May 1st 2013.Still just site preperation, despite the "ground breaking ceremony" some 9 months ago.This new hospital in western part of Region Midtjylland will cover the area today covered by the five hospital units in "Hospitalsenhed Vest": Herning, Holstebro, Lemvig, Ringkbing and Tarm.It will serve as the main hospital for just below 300.000 inhabitants in the municipalities of Ikast-Brande, Herning, Ringkbing-Skjern, Holstebro, Struer and Lemvig, and it will be one of five hospitals in the region, the others being Skejby, Horsens, Randers and Viborg.

Dating over 50 år Ikast-Brande

Shawcross’ response which is titled Lenticular Dazzle Camouflage unites sophisticated engineering and complex optic research to create an impressive sculptural concept on a huge scale.The artist’s intention is to create an ambiguous and beguiling surface that disturbs and dematerializes the massing of the tower structure, producing a form that remains abstract and hard to define yet one which could potentially become a talking point for the local and wider community.Here how a motorway solution could look: Vejdirektoratet Herning Kommune has started the planning of a new 520 ha.mixed use development between the hospital site and Snejbjerg/western Herning.The 214 page document can be read here: DNV-Gdstrup - Det Nye Hospital i Vest - VVM-redegrelse og miljrapport One thing worth noticing in the report is the height of the tallest building.

It looks like it'll be 50 meters which will actually make it the tallest in Herning by a few meters. DVN Gdstrup has now been given the final go from the government, and the 3,15 billion DKK (2009 prices) are secured.

Fully build up the area will include some 1800 homes and around 4000 inhabitants, which is expected to take some 20-30 years. Map from the masterplan: Herning Kommune Five teams participated in the architectural contest.

Two were equal after first round and were allowed to adjust their entries.

Here how it could end up, it's from the planning material: Banedanmark "Vesterholmvej" is being extended from Tjrring to the new western bypass and it will also pass right by the hospital.

The new road will be around 3 km long and have bikelanes.

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