Dating clinically depressed person

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I didn't realize how much it was getting me down 'til I broke it off and immediately felt better even though I missed him.

Dating clinically depressed person

My idea is that it seems like a viable and fair option, but at the same time it seems like doubling the trouble for both people. You have to be upfront about it and be almost universally unappealing, or hide it for a while and then let it ruin things later.... I personally respect a consistent honest personality.Most people wouldn't refuse to date someone if they were diabetic or overweight. bestes dating portal Ulm Depression has a physical cause just as diabetes and obesity do, so why is there such a stigma attached to the disease? I have made it into the early stages of several relationships.I feel that it is a valid topic for discussion because as many as 17% of Americans will suffer a depressive episode in their lifetime.I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder since age 19. I am stable on my medication (Paxil) and have only been hospitalized twice in the past six years.

Dating clinically depressed person

Invariably, dating someone who is very much worse off than you will drag you down. Admittedly, I am behind the curve financially and socially, but I am relatively stable...much more so than an addict or alcoholic or career criminal and those people seem to have decent luck finding a woman to put up with their crap.I was so drunk that I fought the police instead of cooperating. Dating clinically depressed person-47 Before the alcoholic, there was another schizophrenic and another bipolar girl...However, my limited income and the disparity between my intellect (127 IQ on the WAIS-IV) and occupation (temporary bookstore employee and erstwhile janitor) tip most women off to the fact that something isn't quite right. Whether yes or no, offer something by way of explanation.

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