Beste casual dating seite Pforzheim

Soaring temperatures turned the asphalt streets into a deadly, molten quagmire.

The son of a civil engineer based in imperial India, Harris had developed his spirit of aggressive independence while at English boarding schools.Little more than a week after Dresden, 362 Lancasters dropped 1,551 tons of bombs on the small town of Pforzheim in 22 minutes.The central area became a blazing crematorium, with the death toll reaching 17,600, a quarter of the population.Indeed, senior RAF planners did not hesitate to use the term 'terror-bombing' to describe some of their raids.The most passionate enthusiast of the strategic offensive was, of course, Sir Arthur Harris, head of Bomber Command from 1942.

Beste casual dating seite Pforzheim

To the RAF aircrews, the sight of the eastern German city ablaze looked like a terrifying vision of hell.As the vast stream of 796 four-engined Lancaster heavy bombers swept over Dresden on that night of February 14, 1945, almost 2,000 tons of explosives and incendiaries were dropped onto the inferno.As the blaze intensified, huge crowds made for the city's reservoir and dived into the water.But the sheer numbers, combined with the roaring heat and the lack of oxygen, made the place unbearable.During the war, the urban bombing had its detractors, not just from pacifists but even from figures within the Government itself, such as Tory Minister Lord Salisbury, who warned in 1943 that 'we are losing some of our moral superiority to the Germans'.

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